Saabri Sajidi

Hazrat Khawaja Fareeduddeen Masood Kabeer Ganj-e-Shakkar was born in 569 AH in Kasba Khanwal. He was very young when he set to Multan which was the education center for Islam in those days. He received His education from renowned teachers there and learned “Anfeh” a Fiqah from Maulana Minajuddeen Tirjimi. In 584 AH He met Hazrat Khawaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar r.a. He took baith from Him and became His Murid. He followed His murshid’s advice and completed His studies in Delhi. He was made Khalifa soon.

After when he was took as a desciple by His murshid, He performed several very difficult mujaheda where he was locked in a room. He used to get on piece of date in the morning and one to break His fast. Several years He continued this mujaheda and therefore His body became so weak that He could stand on His feed. Once when Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz, r.a visited Hazrat Qutu Sahab, He asked Hazrat Qutub about the room which looked locked. He was informed that Farid is in there where He is continuing His mujeheda. Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz said to Hazrat Qutub we should meet Him. The door was opened and they found Baba Farid lying on the floor busy in Zikr-e-Ilahi. When Baba Farid saw that His murshid and Gareeb Nawaz are standing at the door, He did His best to stand but because He didn’t have any strength left in Him could not stand. Gareeb Nawaz said to Hazrat Qutub: “Qutub why don’t you give Him something?”. Hazrat Qutub said: “Hazrat when you are there to give, how could I dare to give Him something”. Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz smiled and told Hazrat Qutub that We should make Him stand. Therefore, Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz took on of Baba Farid’s arm to put across His own shoulder and Hazrat Qutub took the other arm. Thus, Baba Farid was raised to a very high level of spiritual benefit (FAIZ). So, today we know that Hazrat Baba Farid has two very famous Murid namely Hazrat Khwaja Mehboob-e-Ilahi Nizamuddin Aulliya and Hazrat Khwaja Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmed Saabir r.a. This is because Baba Farid was raised by both Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz and Hazrat Qutub Sahab.

During the pardah of Hazrat Khawaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar r.a He was in Haansi and reached three days later and was the successor after Hazrat Khawaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar r.a. However, He returned to Haansi and continued staying there.

Baba Farid would distribute langar to the poor and needy and was approachable by everyone at all times.

Once Sultan Nasiruddeen Mahmud and his army who were on a journey to Awaich and Multan. There were hoards of visitors thronged to pay visit to Baba Farid He was unable to let in everyone for a personal visit so his Khadims hung his cloak outside the house and people would come and kiss it. The sleeves of the cloak were in shreds soon and Baba Farid asked his followers to cover him from all around in the mosque. Visitors would stand outside this cover and pay tribute and salaam to Him however an old man managed to get through and He fell at the feet of Baba Farid and said “Shaikh Fareed are you tired of this, you should thank Allah more” to this Baba Farid cried out loud and hugged the old man.

Baba Farid was very soft hearted and would cry often in prayers he would be in Namaz most of the time and would remain in fast most of the time and advised His Mureeds and Khalifa’s of the same routine. Baba Farid was very found of Mehfil e Samaa and Qawaali. He used to always say: “YAA HAYYU YAA QAYYUM”.

Hazrat Shaikh Nizamuddeen Auliya states of the last days of Baba Farid, it was the 5th of Muharram when His health started deteriorating, He offered the Isha Salaat with Jamaat and fell unconscious. When He came to He asked his Mureeds if he had offered the Namaaz they replied that he had, Unsure he offered it again and fell unconscious, and then he got up again and offered the Namaaz the third time and took pardah. It was Tuesday 5th Muharram 664 Hijri and was buried in Ajodhan (Pakpattan). Sultan Muhhamed Tulak made the Gumbad over it. “Inna Lillahi va Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun”. The light of the Chishtiya order was passed on to Hazrat Khwaja Mehboob-e-Ilahi Nizamuddin Aulliya and Hazrat Khwaja Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmed Saabir r.a.

A very famous couplet of Baba Farid is:

Tere Karam se Beniyaaz, kaunsi Shey mili nahi,

Daaman apna tang hai, Tere yaha kami nahi.

Kaaga sab tan khaiyyo, chun chun khaiyyo maas,

Do nainan na khaiyyo, Mohe Piya milan ki aaas.